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Meet Toluwanimi

Hi, I'm Toluwanimi, a young woman who loves utilizing the most of her mornings, making healthy smoothies, traveling to new places and most importantly, talking about Jesus! Growing up, I always attended church services and the likes but I was never intentional about my relationship with God until these past years when I decide to focus on God which led me to starting this blog. The Lavender Woman is a collection of my thoughts, reflections and practical tools to help equip young women like myself on their journeys of faith and personal growth. While I may talk about my faith a lot, you can also expect everything from healthy lifestyle tips, girl talks, personal stories, tips and tricks and inspiration as I walk this journey of life.

I'm also a professional talker (yes, I take pride in that haha) on a podcast I host called Daily Talks with Toluwanimi where I share similar stories on my faith and personal experiences. And, I have an Instagram page (@savedwithjoy) made for you where I post daily inspirations and declarations to charge you up for the day, while my personal page is another extension of the blog. All of these mediums are simply more ways for you to get to know me better, so feel free to check them out!


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