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Are You Making the Most Of Your Life?

Updated: Jan 12

Happy Friday, Ladies. I hope you are doing well and having a great day so far. I hope you are doing well and had a great week. 

Today's post is a deep one. It is about purpose, assignment, destiny, and making the most of the lives God has granted us. Please read with an open heart and mind. 

Dear .......,

 How do you start each day of your Life? How do you live when no one is around? How are you spending the years that GOD has granted you on earth? Life is truly a journey. 

Many of us on the earth claim to have passion for God but not reverence for GOD. 

What does Life mean for and to you? Life is an opportunity to write your name in history. Not in the history of the world, not the history that men have made necessary through mere accomplishments, but why not make your name in the history of GOD? It is eternal compared to a short span.

Many people take Life for granted as if they own it. I did not say your Life; I said it like they had their own Life. Each day, second, minute, or hour is an opportunity to get it right. We will all have to give accounts to GOD for our lives; what type of account will you give? 

A Psalmist once said, "Des, tiny is an adventure, not a destination." How we spend each day matters. Each day we are on this earth is a chance to make an impact on GOD's Kingdom and Work on the planet. We only have one Life and many years to prove ourselves to GOD. Life is for some time, while eternal Life is forever. 

There are seven ways to make the most of your Life.

The first is to be intentional and deliberate about how you start your day: Each is a significant new day, and God will make a way. Each day we are on the earth is a gift GOD gives us. Many of us believe we will always be here because things might be going smoothly or have always gone smoothly. Eternal Life is real. 

The second is Knowing that the dash between your birth and death dates is your current Life. There was a day I was in the closet, and I heard this in my spirit, " Each day you are on this earth, living, you are building the legacy you will be remembered for when you are gone, so make sure you are living the legacy you want to be remembered for." 

The third is Knowing the reason for your existence: Do you know why you were created? The most significant part of GOD's plan is for each human to understand why they are created. Do you know why you are here? The only way to discover why you are here is to ask the one who created us. There is a reason for your existence. There is a reason why you were born: the time, day, month, and year. Discover it. 

The fourth is Knowing the reason for Life: Do you know why God created Life? God is the author and creator of Life. If you need to understand why he created it, how can you make the most of it? I remember reading Proverbs 8 verse 36: "But those who fail to find me harm themselves; all who hate me love death.” In this verse, wisdom was talking. Wisdom exists before the creation of the world. In the same way, without wisdom, people will harm themselves, and their lives are the same, and people will harm themselves without knowing the reason why God created Life. 

The fifth is Knowing that Jesus is coming back very soon. One of my new favorite songs is Kaabo (Welcome) by Dunsin Oyekan. It is powerful. From the moment I heard a clip of the song, I knew it would be my song on his latest Album. The Album is called "The Glory Experience". It is amazing. But the song's central message is that Jesus is coming back very soon with his chariots, angels, and the great cloud of witnesses that have been with us since the beginning of time. Please walk each day with the mindset that Jesus is coming back. `

The sixth is God grants Life, and when He says it is over, it is OVER: The New Living Translation of Psalm 24:1 says, "The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it. The world and all its people belong to him". This verse means that GOD grants Life. Mark 13:32 says, "But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father." God works in His Ways. Not even Jesus Christ knows the hour. If no one knows the hour, then why not live right? It could be any hour or day. 

The seventh is that it is a privilege and an opportunity to have ever been CREATED BY GOD: God chose to create the world, and I consider it an honor to have ever been created by HIM. Do you consider it an honor to have been created by GOD? Please spend time today to reflect on this: Life is a gift, not a granted opportunity. If GOD never created us, none of us would be here today. He could have decided to exist all by HIMSELF, but he created the human family like wisdom stated in Proverbs 8:31: "And how happy I was with what he created - his wide world and all the human family." 

Have a fabulous Friday, Ladies. I hope you loved this post. Keep your eyes on JESUS. 

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