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August 2022 Book Review

Updated: Jan 12

Happy Friday Ladies,

I hope you are doing well and having a fantastic start to August 2022. Thank you for the support on the previous posts. Today's post is a book review on Kim Jiyoung, born in 1982. Kim Jiyoung Born 1982 is a novel about the story of a Korean woman that entails love, family, and, most significantly, the "life of a woman and mother in Korea." 

My Review: It is interesting to think that the "female struggle" is a global idea that has lasted for generations. I love to read, and reading keeps you educated while allowing you to become a better person. This book was eye-opening. My view on the female struggle became more enlightened because I got to view the "female struggle" from the viewpoint of a Korean woman. It was so interesting to view the commonalities among women around the world. Some of the main points I got from the book were: 

Main Points 

Point 1: Page 26, 74-75: A woman should save, be financially stable and have a business. One of the book's key points was how Jiyoung's financial IQ and literacy saved her family in difficult times. The outstanding Quote was, "The family later discovered that Jiyoung's mother had purchased a large flat in the massive apartment complex nearby. She'd been paying off the mortgage for years, and, thanks to the porridge business running smoothly, she sold the smaller place they were living in and paid off the last of the mortgage". - Page 74. 

Christian View: This Quote reminded me of the Proverbs 31 Woman. Proverbs 31:16 says, "She considers a field and buys it; out of her earnings, she plants a vineyard." 

A woman should be able to provide for her family alongside her man, but there will be moments when her man can be down financially, and she will need to carry the financial load. A female should be financially minded and focused. Being economically independent as a female is more than thinking about marriage; you have to think about yourself first and be able to live for yourself before you can live for others, such as a family. 

The Final Quote for the point: "The porridge shop was my idea, and I bought the apartment. And the children raised themselves. You've made it, but you didn't do it all by yourself, so be good to me and the kids. You smell like rubbing alcohol, so sleep in the living room tonight". 

Tip: Open Different Savings Accounts For Multiple Purposes, and Put Money Aside Each Month in Each Account for your long-term goals and the future. 

Point 2: Page 130/132: Women make many sacrifices for their families, but it is all worth it if you have a clear vision and mission. 

Quote: "Just as putting the care of your child in another's hands does not mean you do not love your child, quitting and looking after your child does not mean you have to passion for your career." 

As a young woman growing up in society, I must establish myself before embracing the next stage or chapter of life. Page 133 emphasizes the gap between the various ages of married women. The Quote was, "In 2014, around the time Kim Jiyoung left the company, one in five married women in Korea left the company, one in five married women in Korea quit their job because of marriage, pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare, or the education of their young children. The workforce participation rate of Korean women decreases significantly before and after birth. Its percentage starts at 63.8 for women aged between twenty and twenty-nine, drops to 58 percent for women aged thirty to thirty-nine, and increases again to 66.7 percent for women over forty. 

There are several perspectives on what age women should be married, depending on the culture or society they are in. It is a very personal decision each female has to make, but a female should achieve her goals and dreams before entering a significant life stage. 

Point 3: Page 136/138: A Woman Must be Hardworking and Industrious: The Quote that stands out is, "Dirty laundry does not march into the machine by itself, Jiyoung thought. The clothes do not wash themselves with detergent and water, march back out when done, and hang themselves on clotheslines. The vacuum does not roll around with a wet and dry rag; wipe the floor and wash and dry the rags for you. Have you ever operated a washing machine or a vacuum cleaner?" 

Being hardworking and diligent as a female is more than just having a business or having a 9-to-5 job to make money. 💴 💰 💵 . It is also about being able to take care of a home, do laundry, mow the lawn, wash a car, etc. A female should be all-rounded. She is not just being educated, financially stable, or reading books. A female needs to be dynamic and hardworking. You should have skills domestically and externally. 

Point 4: Page 145/146Alone Time is Crucial. In the following Quote, you see how mothers lack proper rest for themselves and their future. 

Quote: "In fact, according to statistics, a stay-at-home mother with a baby under the age of two has four hours and ten minutes a day to herself, and a mother who sends her baby to daycare has four hours and twenty-five minutes, which makes only a fifteen-minute difference between those two groups. This means mothers can't rest even when they send their babies to daycare. The only difference is whether they do the housework with their baby beside them or without. It was a huge load off for Jiyoung that she could have a moment to focus on getting chores done". 

Tip: A female needs to make it a priority to be all-rounded. Each aspect of your life should be flourishing according to your ability. 

Point 5: Page 147-150Women cannot purchase their dreams freely compared to men. The Quote that stands out for this point is her husband's Quote after a fight. It is stated on Page 150, "Of course, one can't go through life only doing what one wants to do. But, Jiyoung, I'm doing what I want to do. I can't advise you to do something you don't want to do when I make you quit the job you enjoyed while I continue doing what I want. Anyway, that's my two cents for now". 

Sacrifices are part of being a female, and it is often hard not to make sacrifices based on the structure of the female species. 

It is a crucial part of an individual's life to go after their dreams and goals, but when men cannot relate to a woman. It is tough. Women make sacrifices, but it is all part of the journey and will pay off. 

Point 6: Page 152/154: Go For Your Goals No Matter the Limitations: The outstanding Quote was, "Her career potential and areas of interest were being limited just because she had a baby. A feeling of helplessness quickly replaced the excitement she had felt". 

Key: Life is full of ups and downs, highs and lows, but run after your dreams and goals with all you have. 

Point 7: Page 157: Women had it hard and often still have it hard. It is hard for men to understand the female struggle often, but it does exist. 

Quote: "If I were an average male in his forties, I would have gone through my entire life without this awareness. Only by following the medical career of my wife (she was a better student than I when we were in medical school together), who made compromise after compromise -from going after a tenure position as a professor of ophthalmology to contract doctor to giving up on her career entirely - was I enlightened as to what it means to live as a woman, especially as a mother in Korea. Frankly, it's only natural that men remain unaware unless they encounter special circumstances as I have because men are not the main players in childbirth and childcare". 

Conclusion: Compared to the 21st century, there have been improvements since the 1980s, but still sad, women have to sacrifice so much. As a Christian and Believer in Christ, women can achieve it all. I do not say this out of ignorance because the Proverbs 31 Woman achieved it. I am still searching for a more incredible view by seeking wisdom from GOD. I highly recommend this book, Please Read This Book, alongside Woman Evolve; they will change your perspective and life. 

Thank You So Much For Reading :). Have a great rest of your day and Week. See you in the next. 

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