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Updated: Jan 9

Hello Lavenders

Welcome to another blog post; I hope you enjoyed last week's post. Thank you for your excellent comments and feedback. I genuinely appreciate it. Be sure to like, share, comment, and subscribe. I hope you enjoy today's blog; thank you :).

Is the picture above dreamy?

Well, depending on your taste and preference, this view is perfect or okay. It is an ideal view. Before we begin today, I would like you to consider these questions: What does dating mean to you? What are your standards for dating? Dating is a common word that is tossed around everywhere. You probably already know what dating is and what it means. But today, I will be approaching the topic from a different angle. So, let's begin: 

Love is one of the most powerful things in this world. Love is intense, complex, and crazy; love means different things to different people. Dating during teenagehood is often defined as a boy and girl who like each other; they start talking, the boy asks the girl out, and they are officially a couple. Depending on their level of seriousness and commitment, they will set rules for each other. Some will only stay committed to each other; others will set rules to date other people; for the rest, they are together for pleasure. Dating is a fascinating topic. In our society, there are no set rules for dating: 12-year-olds date, 19-year-olds date, 26-year-olds date, 45-year-olds date—every age group dates. I have often heard that age 22, right after college, is the best time and age to begin courting. For me personally, I believe a female should be established in her career and her relationship with God before she embarks on her journey to marriage. These two factors are significant. Many young females during their teenage years struggle with self-confidence and self-esteem issues and rely on love to help or save them. Love is a word that is tossed everywhere. I love you is one of the most famous phrases in the world. Teens date for different reasons; some date because they think it is cool, others date because they want to marry young, and the rest date because they genuinely like the other person. No matter what the reason is, dating has to be done right. 

Dating from a Christian view is very different from how society defines it. Some call it courtship; others call it friendship; the rest call it a godly relationship. All of the following are accurate. According to the Lexico Dictionary, Courtship is "A period during which a couple develops a romantic relationship before getting married." Courtship is a very crucial step before marriage. Depending on where you are from and how you were raised, the way you view love, dating, and the idea of love is based on these factors. Godly Relationships are hard to find today; many young people, including Christians, still need to set standards in their relationships. Standards are the only way to make the most from courtship. I know it is common for teens to date without their parents' knowledge, but this is another topic. Dating must and should be done right. God created the institution of marriage, and we must seek him first to excel in marriage. Love is not cheap; Love is not just about feelings and emotions. Love comes in different levels. Love is powerful, and a young mind cannot fully understand or comprehend it. 

If you are in a relationship but do not have standards, I want to encourage you to create some. If you are not in a relationship, begin thinking about the standards. Standards are important. Heartbreak is very easy to experience. When you set standards, you avoid complicated situations. There are so many opinions, perspectives, and research on relationships. Refrain from getting carried away or deceived by different theories and facts that are put out daily. One of the difficult things is navigating through it all and choosing what is best for you and what works best for you. Choose to walk in the right ways in your relationship, use God's standards to create yours, and watch your relationship be successful. Begin dating? 

Thank you for reading; today's blog differed from the rest. Please let me know in the comments section if you enjoyed the blog. I will write more blogs in the love and relationship category very soon. Remember to like, comment, share, and subscribe. God Bless You As You Do So. If you are reading and do not believe in God, I encourage you to have an open heart and mind and give God a chance to prove himself to you. Please say this prayer: "Heavenly Father, I am a sinner and come to you to ask you to forgive me for my terrible sins. Thank you for dying for my sins and bearing the shame on that Cross so I may have eternal life. Today, I confess with my mouth that I have sinned against you, and believe with my whole heart that Jesus is Lord, and God raised Him from the dead on the third day. He is seated on the Heavenly throne and intercedes on my behalf. I give you my heart, soul, and life and pray that I will obey thy Word. In the precious name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen." If you just said that prayer, welcome to the family of believers. Congratulations!! Heaven rejoiced; God is so glad and happy to have you in his family. I will be praying for you and your walk with God. Feel free to contact me on the next steps in this new chapter in your life. Just fill out the keep in touch form on the home page, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you once again for reading. God Bless You. Watch out for the next blog next Friday. Have a blessed week, Thank You. 

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