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Updated: Jan 9

Happy Friday Lavenders,

I hope you had a great month. This month has been amazing for me. As this month ends, your heart's desires shall be granted to you. I will discuss how to enjoy your single years in today's blog post. Self-love is the best kind of love, and we must learn to embrace it. I hope you enjoy it. :)

"Enjoy your single years" can be interpreted differently for different people. Some view it as living your best life; others may view it as they can do whatever they want. No matter how you view these words, your single years are significant in your life, and how you use them plays a crucial role in how the rest of your life will be. 

Many young females are raised with the mentality that love is everything. We are told that we are raised to be wives and mothers in the future to serve our children and husbands, but there is so much more to a female than her marital destiny. Below are four tips on how to enjoy your single years. I hope you embark on them. 

Tip 1: Develop Yourself: You may have heard this tip before, but do you practice it?? When I think of developing myself, I think of building my self-confidence, developing my talents and gifts, reading more, and building my platform further. What does development look like for you? Self-development is more than acquiring skills and talents. You must develop yourself spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physiologically, physically, and financially. Do you have a stable income? How well are you able to handle loss? Self-development in all areas of life is critical. Young females are often not taught to develop themselves and go into marriage as a liability. You were not born to be a liability, so please develop yourself. 

Tip 2: Self-Love: A successful marriage consists of two people from a similar or different background who come together to form one. Many young females and women have the misconception that being loved is what completes them, but self-love is the most important love. You cannot have a successful marriage if you do not possess self-love. Self-love is more than saying I love me. If you genuinely love yourself, it must be shown and reflected in every area of life. Some ways you show you love yourself are how you carry yourself, allow others to treat you, how you dress, etc. Self-love is vital in your single years; it could affect the rest of your life if you lack it. 

Tip 3: Chase After Your Dreams: No dream is too big or too small. Whether you want to be a baker, cook, chef, banker, doctor, blogger, or YouTuber. Chase after it. Most importantly, you are chasing after it for the right reasons and not for the money or fame. Young women chasing after their dreams is one of the most beautiful things to watch in this world. Young females making boss moves is what we need in this generation and decade. Female Empowerment is rising, and you must be a part of it. 

Tip 4: Discover your purpose: Do you know your purpose in life? I am still discovering mine. If you have found yours, how are you using it to help humanity and please God? Our purpose is what we are called and destined to do on earth. The earlier you discover your purpose, the longer the impact you will have on the planet. I am on a journey to discover mine, and if you are, too, we are together. Keep seeking and searching for it; it is the reason for our existence. Once you discover it, use it to please God and help humanity. 

I hope you enjoyed today's post. Remember to like, share, comment, and subscribe. See you next Friday. 😍😍😍

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