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May 2022 Book Review

Updated: Jan 12

Happy New Month Ladies,

Welcome to June 2022. I hope you had a blessed month of May. My May was eventful and beautiful. I will do a recap in May 2022 in an upcoming blog post. In May, I read two books that truly blessed me. The titles were Manual: The Way Men Think by Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo and The Power of Silence by Victoria Showunmi. They were book knowledge packed and had excellent points I will share below. 

Manual: The Way Men Think

This book is for females 18 years and older. The main points I got from this book were critical and can be helpful for any female in any stage of life. It is most especially for females who are yet to be married. 

Main Points 

1. Men do not apologize quickly; they do everything else but apologize. I found this very interesting because I have often heard this, but I only understood the reason behind it once I came across this book. Every relationship and marriage is different, but the book emphasizes that a typical man does not apologize after an argument. This is not out of pride, but just nature men have. 

2. Respecting your husband is one of the ways you Honor GOD: It also helps GOD reach Him Better. 

3. Men are not Emotional: He stated in the book that "Men grow to be more logical and practical in their dealings while women are still largely emotional and caring." He emphasized, "To deal with a man, you need logic and reasoning rather than emotions." 

4. No Relationship is Better Than A Bad Relationship: Pressure is real. Pressure exists. Pressure comes in all forms and shapes, but it is better not to be in a relationship than in a bad one based on pressure from family, friends, and society. 

5. Never start a relationship with a man who is not accountable to anyone: The man you are about to enter a courtship or marriage with should have authority figures over Him. 

6. He should meet your parents and pastors: The man you marry must meet your parents and pastors. It is essential. Parental and Pastoral Guidance are necessary to guide a glorious marriage. 

7. Do not be preoccupied with how much he loves you, but ensure that He loves GOD: A man who does not fear GOD or love HIM will not love you as GOD has instructed him to love His Wife in the Bible. Fleshly love does not match Biblical Love. Biblical standards protect "us women" from heartaches and emotional pain. If you are focused on a man's Love, it will fail and disappoint you. 

8. Do not engage in love fights: Men are logical and use reasoning. An essential point in the book is that men take Love and fights as two different things. Do not put up fights with your partner and spouse. Men take words precisely as you say them. 

9. Men value their peace: Men love their space and peace. Proverbs 21:9 says, "It is better to live in the corner of the housetop than in a house shared with a quarrelsome wife." Strive to be a person of peace, both internally and externally. Internal peace is something I value so much. Being a person of peace should not only apply in marriage but in all types and forms of relationships. 

The Power of Resilience 

Main Points 

Failure Is Not the Problem, but the inability to learn from it: I found this point so powerful. It is not our mistakes that define us but our inability to learn from them and keep moving forward. 

Your Character Matters: Your character and approach in life matters. Hardships arise when trying to achieve your goals and dreams, but your character matters more than anything. Your character will protect you from digesting negative criticism or those who do not believe in your dreams. Value your dreams and stay true to who you are. Do not allow negativity to destroy your dreams. 

- You Are a Major Stakeholder in Your Destiny: A meaningful sentence from this section was, "The point is, much of what becomes of your life depends on you, not on your experiences or your environment." 

Never Give Up: It is easier said than done, but I can tell you from my life. Success is closer than you believe. I will use my academics as an example. It took me 11 years to finally achieve something great within my academics: Honor Roll. I had three years of challenges after two years of success, and finally, I came to my academic rest. 

Always strive to be a better version of yourself: This was identified as one of the secrets to people who do great things and achieve great things in their lifetime. 

Sharpen Your Skills and Seek Knowledge: Jacob's story was used to explain his lack of ability to learn about the cultural customs of the land he went to acquire a wife. It was stated that if He knew the land's customs, he would have known that the older sister, Leah, had to be married off before Rachel. The main point of using this story was to emphasize how many do not achieve their goals and struggle because they need to keep up with the most recent information. Knowledge and skills sharpening are essential because your breakthrough is closer than you think. 

- Do Not Compromise The Right Things: Do not sin or take shortcuts. Always do things the right way and strive to make GOD proud. Life is better off making the right decisions rather than the wrong ones. The wrong ones lead to a troubled life and unlimited problems. Strive to be different, and most especially Christlike. 

Overall, I will give both books a 10/10. They are great books, and I recommend purchasing and reading them. Start creating your library now and gain knowledge. 

Thank you for reading today's post; I hope you learned something. I will catch up with you in the next one. My June 2022 book readings are Atomic Habits by James Clear and Do Not Drop the Mic by TD Jakes. 

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