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Stay In The Presence

Updated: Jan 13

To The Young Single Lady Reading this post, 

I hope you are doing well and having a fantastic day so far. I felt led in my heart to write this post. 

I need to find out to whom this post applies. I do not know who needs to hear these words. I do not know who needs encouragement. 

God is coming; God is coming big for you

In a world that constantly prioritizes love, marriage, and family. Getting carried away and caught up in the circle is very easy. There are five points I have for you today to help encourage you: 

The First is to Be Ingrained in the WORD: Have you ever heard the bible verse, "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path" - Psalm 119:105?

GOD's Word carries power. It is light. True Light. It heals, it molds, it corrects. When you are embodied in the Word Of GOD, you become light. The light that carries men and directs men. The light of GOD is a shining light. 

The way I approach my Bible is by sitting by it. I sit by it. I meditate on it. I put my faith in it. I lay in it. I put my confidence in it. I put my trust in it. I pray with it. I see life through it

Make It A Priority to spend daily time in the Presence of GOD. Daily Quiet Time alongside Prayer Time is the best way to start the day. 

Prayer Time: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving to GOD, and Supplication: God's help in your life and the lives of others. 

The Second is Worship Your Maker: When worship becomes your anthem, it becomes the order of the day. Music is a spirit, and worship is your soul's response

I lift my soul daily by playing worship music in the morning. The most crucial factor is that your heart yields to worship. When your heart is in-depth in worship, your spirit will follow suit. 

My favorite songs to start the day are Who is on the Lord's Side by Mercy Chinwo and Dunsin Oyekan and When I See You by Dunsin Oyekan. 

The third is to be still in the Present: Worries and racing thoughts are widespread when you are in a season of waiting, but it is a choice to allow them to consume you. Taking the capacity of your thoughts and the power of the WORD and Presence is essential. 

The Devil whispers lies based on our circumstances and the situations we are in. Do Not Let Him Get To You. 

Quiet the voices with the WORD OF GOD. Stay in the Presence. The Presence heals, molds, and corrects. 

Be Patient and Sit There. You will succeed in the Presence. The Presence gets you ready for the world. 

The fourth is Build Yourself: It takes two people to form a marriage. You must be whole in Christ. Whole in Who You Are. Build Yourself. Invest In Yourself. It is essential. You cannot offer what you do not have. 

Read Books: Education beyond school is how we learn to navigate life 

- Listen to Sermons that educate and uplift: The Word Of God brings light. 

- Listen to Podcasts: Whoa That's Good is fantastic for young women; you can check it out on Apple Podcasts, etc. It comes out every Wednesday. 

Spend Time With Yourself: Go On Solo Dates: I go on movie dates, breakfasts, lunches, and dinners alone. Learn To Love Yourself ❤️. 

Get To Know Yourself: Spend Time With Yourself 

Build Your Career, Finances, and Life: This is very important. 

The Fifth is to Focus On The Right Things in life: 

- Your Relationship With GOD: This should be the foundation of your life. Write Letters to GOD in all honesty and truth. 

- Family: The second most important thing in life. Focus on building the best relationship with family members. Family is Everything. Family is all that we have. 

- Your Health: Health is Wealth. 

- Investing In Yourself: Learn New Languages, Explore Your Interests 

The Pressure can be heavy sometimes, but keep your eyes on the goal. Your Eternal Life is most important. Your Relationship with GOD will guide you to eternity. 

Thank you for Reading ❤️. I hope you were uplifted by this post. God Bless YOU. He is coming. 

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